U.S. Military veterans face challenges in war that many can never imagine. Sadly, these veterans face a new set of challenges when they return home. Many returning veterans come home with combat-related physical disabilities and psychological problems, family and relationship issues, employment or financial troubles, substance abuse, homelessness, and legal issues. The Bunker Project can help veterans with many of these issues, which include:

Coping with Anxiety and PTSD

Combat experience veterans do not return home as the same person and often feel overwhelmed by culture shock and trauma. In many situations family members often have no idea how to identify, understand, or respond to the resocialization problems confronting veterans. Many veterans see resocialization as a battlefield scenario, while some veterans may in fact see reaching out to service agencies as threatening.

Reconnecting with Society, Friends, and Family

Veterans may feel that during their deployment they have become disconnected from their family and former peers.
Some veterans often do not even realize that they need help, and those who do recognize the need for help often face obstacles in getting the help they need

Getting the Help they Desperately Need

There are gaps in services and resources and many veterans are often unaware of resources, hesitant to admit they need help, and experience a level of anxiety and mistrust due to culture shock upon resocialization that they feel isolated from their community of support. Veterans may react in ways that surprise even themselves, including involvement in criminal behavior.


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Resources For Spouses

The Bunker Project exist to help veterans with:

  • Veterans Services

  • Civilian Career Opportunities

  • Educational Assistance

  • Legal Help

  • And More