Serving those who served

The Bunker Project provides stable housing to student veterans through the completion of a degree or certificate program, and then supports them in their transition from student to professional.

The Bunker Project provides an environment for social support and connectedness, strategically placing housing near college campuses with ample space to support both interaction and personal privacy.

The Bunker Project builds grassroots local networks of veteran service organizations to ensure no need goes unmet, even if it is beyond our scope. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our program.

The Bunker Project provides:

  • Student housing

  • Job and career connections

  • Educational Assistance

  • Leadership opportunties

  • And more!

  • Personal Testimonial:

    “Prior to moving in to the Bunker Project house, I was unemployed and virtually homeless. The stability of the Bunker Project connected me with renewed purpose and meaning to my life. Thank you.” -Wendy, Army 1980-1995