U.S. Military personnel are accustomed to overcoming adversity while actively serving our nation, but do so within a vast network of support and guidance. Upon leaving the service, a new set of challenges presents itself without the support and guidance many of us had become accustomed to. We aim to remedy that deficiency through mentorship and support grounded in both real-life experience and the most cutting-edge scientific research.

What Can The Bunker Project Do For Me?

The Bunker Project is founded on a principle of mentorship in which senior-level student veterans support and guide those who are just beginning their academic journey. The goal is to initiate our veteran siblings into civilian society in a manner so that they can successfully take control of their own lives. We are aware of the pitfalls that may lead you astray and make every effort to assist you in avoiding them. Securing stable housing and the basic necessities of living is the first step toward that goal.
A Bunker Project home is specifically designed with student veterans in mind. Our requirements for a home are as follows:

  • Minimum 5 bedroom house for single veterans or duplex with 3 bedroom apartments for couples with children.
  • No farther than 20 minutes walking distance to the edge of nearest college campus
  • ADA compliant
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Accommodating to service animals
  • Utilities provided including high speed internet
  • Furnished rooms that include a minimum of bed, closet, and desk.
  • Laptop computers and software provided by Coastline College
  • 3 Forgiveness Passes: we know school is tough and life will present unexpected challenges during the minimum two to four years it takes to complete an academic degree. For this reason, we allow for 3 instances in which a veteran may remain in the home when grounds for eviction would be otherwise met under a conventional lease with a for-profit housing provider.
  • Housing may continue for 6 months following graduation to ensure ample time to begin your career
  • We strive to be as self-sustaining as possible. We collect monthly donations in the recommended amount established by evaluating the costs of maintaining a Bunker Project home, paid only after VA benefit payments have been issued. The amount recommended is established by the veterans who live in the home, with the guidance of their house manager and local Regional Director. Self-sustainment ensures the longevity of our program regardless of changes in donor trends. We want to be prepared for when the first round of troops returns home from America‚Äôs next major conflict.
  • Educational Assistance

    The Bunker Project provides valuable information for those veterans who have a desire to attend a college or university.  This information includes basic veterans education services and vocational rehabilitation.

    The Bunker Project also provides scholarships to assist student veterans with maintaining subsistence needs during academic calendar gaps that federal veteran benefits do not cover, bettering their chances of successful degree completion. Funding is made available through sponsors, donors, and periodic fundraisers


    Educational Assistance

    Every individual on The Bunker Project leadership team has either utilized veteran education benefits themselves, works professionally in the field of higher education, or has a combination of both experiences. We are confident that we can assist with any need within the realm of higher education, ranging anywhere from scholarship information to individualized tutoring.

    Access to Veterans Services

    The Bunker Project works with outside agencies and programs to assist in constant improvement of the services provided to veterans and their families. We invite representatives from these organizations to participate in our monthly house meetings to ensure our student veterans are fully aware of the various benefits available to them. House managers and Regional Directors serve as excellent mentors to guide our student veterans toward services as needed or requested as well.

    Entrepreneurial and Career Opportunities

    We connect with outside employers to ensure a smooth transition from academia to career. The Bunker Project is also always in need of excellent leaders and seeks to expand into new areas to further be of service. Would you like to start a Bunker Project home of your own? Would you like to organize a fundraiser or serve on our leadership team? Send us a message below to learn how.

    What The Bunker Project Is Not:

    The Bunker Project is not a treatment program and does not provide treatment facilities. The Bunker Project is not a replacement for other veteran support agencies and programs. The Bunker Project may serve as a conduit to help veterans identify and reach out to federal, state, and local agencies and programs that provide veteran support, but our primary mission is always to support the housing needs of student military veterans.


    Contact us to see how The Bunker Project can serve you. Your details are confidential.





    Resources for Veterans

    The Bunker Project provides:

  • Student Housing

  • Job and Career Connections

  • Educational Assistance

  • Leadership Oppertunities

  • And More!