U.S. Military veterans face challenges in war that many can never imagine.  Sadly, these veterans face a new set of challenges when they return home.  Many returning veterans, maybe even yourself, come home with combat-related physical disabilities and psychological problems, family and relationship issues, employment or financial troubles, substance abuse, homelessness, and legal issues.

What Can The Bunker Project Do For Me?

The Bunker Project provides referrals for veterans who prefer to take control of their own lives. The Bunker Project helps veterans identify the programs that best meet their individual needs, and follows up with the referral provided to veterans and their families.

Educational Assistance

The Bunker Project provides valuable information for those veterans who have a desire to attend a college or university.  This information includes basic veterans education services and vocational rehabilitation.

The Bunker Project also provides scholarships to assist student veterans with maintaining subsistence needs during academic calendar gaps that federal veteran benefits do not cover, bettering their chances of successful degree completion. Funding is made available through sponsors, donors, and periodic fundraisers


Access to Veterans Services

The Bunker Project will work with agencies and programs to assist in constant improvement of the services provided to veterans and their families by monitoring the level of service provided to veterans who are referred to those agencies and programs.

Civilian Career Opportunities

The Bunker Project reaches out to employers who are willing to hire, or seriously consider hiring returning veterans.

Legal Help

The Bunker Project provides referrals for veterans and their families who require civil or criminal legal assistance.

What The Bunker Project Is Not:

The Bunker Project is not a treatment program and does not provide treatment facilities. The Bunker Project is not a replacement for other veteran support agencies and programs.  Rather, The Bunker Project serves as a conduit to help veterans identify and reach out to federal, state, and local agencies and programs that provide veteran support.


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Resources for Veterans

The Bunker Project exist to help veterans with:

  • Educational Assistance

  • Veterans Services

  • Civilian Career Opportunities

  • Legal Help

  • And More